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Organisations with mentoring programs can result in:

  • 20% lower turnover

  • 23% of critical roles can be filled immediately

  • 46% higher quality leaders overall

  • 24% increase in minority representation in management

Brancher achieves:

  • > 90% matching satisfaction
  • > 82% saving in time and administration

What our clients say

Kathy McLeish profile

“Brancher’s platform helps Women in Media run our mentoring program more efficiently. As Committee members, we spend less time designing, administering, running and evaluating the program thanks to Brancher’s platform services.

We’re very proud of the mentoring system that we are now able to offer our members.”

— Kathy McLeish,

Board Director, Women in Media
Brett Jeffery profile

“The mentorship program Brancher is delivering for AuSAE is industry leading for the Association sector. The program allows mentors to give back, learn and improve leadership/coaching skills. Mentees are accelerated to work towards their career goals, build confidence, gain exposure and networking with support and guidance from their mentor.”

— Brett Jeffery,

General Manager, AuSAE

Discover why people love the Brancher Mentoring Platform

Feedback from our anonymous survey

“I met someone that inspired me”

“I instantly had something in common with my mentor”

“During this program I successfully achieved two main goals:
1. Securing a pay rise
2. Landing a new job”

“This relationship was so important to me during a very difficult year in my life. The mentoring changed my life and gave me stability when I was really lacking it”

“Easy to use, convenient, enjoyable experience”

Step into the future of mentoring software and career development

Brancher Mentoring Software helps...

  • Businesses attract and retain top talent
  • Associations attract and retain members
  • Universities attract and retain staff; and connect students/alumni
step into the future of mentoring software

Why Brancher Mentoring Programs are different

Science-based matching with personality and values

We take personality and values into account when matching, helping to create those magic connections. Research shows these deep level characteristics are some of the biggest predictors of matching outcome success.

Bite-sized online training

Our training is based on the latest behavioural science research and designed for the modern learner. Think interactive 'create your own learning journey' pathways with infographics, quizzes, videos and scenarios, not static role play videos.

Deep support from Organisational Psychologists

We are more than a traditional SaaS solution, we help you at every step of the journey to ensure your program is a success. Our team of Organisational Psychologists provide you with end to end consulting support including:

  • Communications plan

  • Implementation plan

  • IT configuration support

  • Weekly 20 minute check-ins during implementation

  • 4 - 6 weekly 30 minute check-ins once your program is live

  • 6 monthly business reviews

Customisable for your needs

We know every program and organisation is different so we've built our platform to be customisable to your needs.

Modern user interface

Everyone likes things that look good, including your program participants and executive sponsors. Our platform has a modern, polished and fresh look and feel. Branding and aesthetics are important to us and you'll see that reflected in everything we do.

Strict security

Strong safeguards are in place to help protect customer privacy. Brancher complies with the latest ISO security standards, ensuring your data is kept safe. The platform is constantly monitored and is authenticated via a secure web portal using the latest encryption standards with regular penetration testing. All data is stored in Australia.

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