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Mentoring Programs Bigger Than 20 Pairs Need Brancher

We are often asked, when do we need mentoring software? The answer, if your program is bigger or is planning to grow bigger than 20 pairs. As soon as you start having more than 20 pairs, the admin burden of running a mentoring program becomes unwieldily.

Here is a summary of time spent and saved using Brancher, based on different program sizes:

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A program with less than 20 people could be manageable to facilitate manually. However, as soon as you start getting above 40 participants (20+ pairs), it becomes overly time consuming and difficult. A program with 120 participants (approximately 60 pairs), would save over $143,000 in time saved by admins and mentees/mentors by using mentoring software.

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Once you get over 50 participants, it becomes almost impossible to match mentees and mentors well. The more people you have in a mentoring program, the better chance you have of finding mentees an ideal mentor, however the more difficult it becomes to manage the pairing process.

Mentoring Software Benefits

In addition to streamlining the mentee-mentor matching process, mentoring software also assists with:

  • Registration & Onboarding
  • AI Driven Customisable Matching - admin driven or user driven
  • Training Mentees and Mentors
  • Goal Management
  • Scheduling Mentoring Meetings
  • Sending Personalised Nudges & Reminders
  • Program Health Reporting & Measuring Success
  • Program Management

Managing all of these elements can become challenging using spreadsheets, white-boards, PowerPoints and email. With Brancher, everything related to mentoring is stored in the one secure system. Mentees and mentors streamline their mentoring meeting scheduling and receive timely reminders and prompts to keep their relationship on track. The software prompts mentees to set goals, and track progress. This allows program administrators to have a clear overview of the mentoring program and identify any challenges or areas that require additional support. With mentoring software, it becomes easier to ensure that all pairs are actively engaged in the mentoring process and receiving the support they need. Administrators can access data on the effectiveness of the program, such as the number of successful matches, the average duration of mentoring relationships, and the overall impact on mentees' development. This data can be used to assess the program's performance, identify areas for improvement, and make data-driven decisions.

Create Mentoring Cohorts or Enable Always On Matching

Without Mentoring Software, most organisations are at the early stages of the mentoring maturity curve where informal mentoring is occurring across the organisation. Some companies might be hand matching and facilitating mentoring, however these programs are almost always 'cohort' based (meaning everyone starts and finishes at the same time). Whilst running a mentoring cohort has it's advantages, it also has some downsides:

  • Mentoring cohorts assume everyone wants a relationship for the same amount of time
  • Mentoring cohorts do not allow late entry - participants must wait for the next cohort

With Mentoring Software, you can still create mentoring program cohorts, but you can also opt in for 'always on' matching. These programs are the future of mentoring, as they enable mentees to request a mentor when they need one, opposed to when they feel they should have one. Relationships can also go for the appropriate amount of time because pairs are encouraged to 'wrap it up' when they are ready, rather than persisting through until the end of the cohort.

Create A Sustainable, Scalable And Best Practice Mentoring Program

Creating a mentoring program that can scale is impossible without technology. Mentoring Software allows you to create a sustainable, scalable and best practice mentoring program. Mentoring Software creates flexibility with how you design the program. For example, it allows for the management of multiple mentoring relationships simultaneously, regardless of geographical location. This means that organisations can expand their mentoring programs to reach a larger audience and accommodate participants from different locations or time zones. The software also facilitates the onboarding process for new participants, making it easier to join and navigate the mentoring program.

If you've already created a mentoring program internally, we understand you might have training, tools and templates that you'd like to leverage. The best part of working with Brancher is that we fully customise the program to fit your needs and can use the frameworks you've already created or found to be successful. We constantly update our platform and training to ensure mentees and mentors are always supported with the latest best practice resources. Working with a Mentoring Software Platform will ensure that you can focus on other important priorities and be rest assured that your program will be industry leading with the latest training, tools and resources.

What Our Customers Have to Say...

"The tool is user-friendly and made sure I had all the preparation I needed for each session. The Brancher team was quick to help and made everything super easy. Whenever we had questions, they were always there with helpful answers. I learned a lot, and the team was right there with us, making the whole experience great!" - Manager of Talent & Engagement, Retail, 10,000+ employees

"I love the way it uses AI to find the best mentor for you at a particular point in time based on the questions answered." - Senior Region Advisor, Government, 200 - 500 employees

"I already feel better about my future, knowing that this is here to help. That I can speak to a mentor about one particular issue and then go on to another mentor to tackle another issue. I'm excited about the future." - Project Support Officer, Government, 51 - 200 employees

"The platform was easy to use, and the expertise provided supported the entire process. Brancher enabled me to connect with professionals seeking similar career outcomes." - HR Manager, Retail, 11-50 employees


How to Choose Mentoring Software

When selecting a mentoring software platform, there are several factors to consider to ensure its effectiveness. Firstly, evaluate the features and functionalities of the platform. Look for features such as advanced matching that considers personality and values (the biggest predictors of mentoring outcome success), bite-sized online training and resources and customisable settings to suit your organisation's specific needs.

Secondly, consider the user experience and interface of the platform. It should be user-friendly and intuitive, allowing mentors, mentees, and administrators to navigate and utilise the platform without difficulties. A visually appealing and well-designed platform can also enhance engagement and adoption rates.

Additionally, take into account the level of support and training provided by the mentoring platform provider. Technology is just one part of the solution so what support do they offer in regard to program management, implementation, design and change management? Do they provide a complementary design workshop or are they are a self-service /DIY provider? Brancher offers complimentary program management and design for all enterprise clients.

Lastly, consider the security and privacy measures implemented by the mentoring platform. It should prioritise the protection of personal data and ensure compliance with data protection regulations. Look for features such as secure data storage (on shore is best), encryption, and user access controls to safeguard the confidentiality of mentoring program information.

By carefully evaluating these factors, you can choose an effective mentoring platform that aligns with your organisation's goals and requirements.

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